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Nova Scotia    

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umberland County lays on the North Shore of 
Nova Scotia. To the North, Prince Edward Island (PEI) can be see on the horizon. To the South the county juts into the Bay of Fundy. PEI is famous for it's mussels which are exported world wide. The Bay of Fundy is one of the 7 wonders of North America. The highest tides on earth, the rarest whales in the world, semi-precious minerals and dinosaur fossils; all this convinced an international panel of experts in 2014 to choose the Bay of Fundy as one of the natural wonders of the world.
Tracing the northern shore line of Cumberland County is the 'Sunshine Trail' which offers a spectacular drive from the New Brunswick border to Cape Breton. Small fishing towns, artisans of all sorts, vineyards, lavender fields and gentle rolling countryside combine to make an idyllic vacationing destination. The tides along the coast, while not quite so dramatic as the Bay of Fundy are still very significant. Low tides reveal vast expanses of sandy beaches much loved by huge flocks of birds. 
Cumberland County is a friendly, relaxing place perfect for families, artists, photographers and anyone who loves nature. Pugwash, which is approximately mid-way along the Sunshine Trail, is a small seaport with a surprising history. The Russell–Einstein Manifesto, released July 9, 1955, called for a conference for scientists to assess the dangers of weapons of mass destruction (then only considered to be nuclear weapons). Cyrus Eaton, an industrialist and philanthropist, offered on July 13 to finance and host the conference in the town of his birth, Pugwash. Today the location of that first conference, The Thinkers Lodge, hosts a small museum and continues to be to be used for regular conferences.
The southern coast of the county provides many locations to observe the incredible tidal movements. It is along this stretch of coast that the world-famous Bay of Fundy exposes a 300-million-year-old story.Preserved in nature, uncovered by force. This is one of nature’s most inspiring creations, where the highest tides in the world reveal the most complete fossil record of the “Coal Age,” 100 million years before the dinosaurs. Every rock holds the possibility of discovery, and guided tours may lead you to finding a missing piece of time’s puzzle. 
A county for all seasons with each revealing a new beauty in an ever changing landscape. While the warmer seasons are preferred by most, winter is not to be ignored. Even though the sea often freezes, the landscape presents unique images. 
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